Gentle Hatha Flow

Monday @ 12:00pm  Tavia                                                                                                                             Hatha yoga is a series of gentle flowing postures, each held for a few minutes. While we hold, we are able to take notice of the breath and stillness in the body within each pose. We focus on openness, acceptance, awareness, and the steady of our breath and pulse. A class to unwind and be present in the moment.

power hour

Friday@12:00pm  with Tavia

A gentle dance connecting the breath with the mind and body. This class will push you to new heights, enabling you to accomplish all of your hopes and aspirations. Join us on this dance to enlightenment.

sunrise energy

Saturday 9:30 with Kirsten

start your weekend off with a bang ...this energising morning class will get you up and reedy for what life has for you. this class is for all levels, with a focus on spinel health, opening the body and mind